Need Financial Advice in Townsville?

It is common for most of us not to realise just how important planning our current finances and for our financial future is to our overall well-being. Our financial health is determined by just how prepared we are and planning for any unexpected life events. The assistance of a professional financial planner gives you the upper hand in controlling your finances and getting the most out of your money and investments. At Growth Financial it is our passion to assist everyday Australian find their perfect match and help take the first steps to their secure financial future.

Wealth and Retirement Solutions


Wealth & Retirement Solutions.

Getting to know you, listening to your Goals & Objectives, Your journey begins today.
You are about to enter a world of excitement and action, where one meeting could change your life and your views for ever.

As one of the Founding Principals of the Wealth & Retirement Solutions, you will be joining forces with a successful Team of Financial Planning Professionals in Townsville to help you make better financial decisions on your personal finances.

We’re leveraging our combined successes, connections, referral partners and professional expertise for your benefit.

Our mission is big and bold: to help you earn generational wealth & protection for yourself and your family.

Our mission begins today.
We want to increase the Wealth of the Nation one client at a Time.

At WRS our aim is to simplify the complex nature of investments, insurance and superannuation. At WRS in Townsville we measure service by more than just a great return on investment. Instead, it’s about developing a relationship that we build on and that you can rely upon for the years ahead.
We offer strategic advice and work closely with tax advisers and solicitors to produce the best financial outcome for our clients. Whether you are retiring or building your fortune, give us a call, we would love to help.

Our value preposition:

Phone contact or Supply, by email, a valuation of your portfolio as required on any of the following: daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly, 6 monthly or annual basis.

Supply relevant market or strategic data by email as necessary.

Conduct a financial progress assessment

(also known as a review) on an annual basis either via telephone or face to face.
We want to keep it simple.

What we believe in drives the philosophy of our business

We draw upon over 32 Years of financial planning experience. We believe in establishing assets that your temperament and risk profile comfortably allow. The principles of diversification and asset allocation come to the fore in this regard. We also incorporate value for money, that is, investments which run efficiently and do not cost you the earth to administer.

At WRS we choose not to re-invent the wheel as it relates to the actual methodology of choosing investments. Instead we draw upon the advice and guidelines of experienced market icons such as Warren Buffet and we look at statistics around market returns and what drives markets.

The great stock market raider Larry Livermore said that you can beat an individual stock but you cannot beat the market. There’s an element of genius in this statement even if it had not come from one of the most successful stock market traders of all time. We prize liquidity and we believe above all else in our selected investment universe because liquid assets are assets that the market is prepared to hand over cash to obtain immediately. Always remember that any movement away from cash must be carefully considered.
We are a small firm of financial advisers and insurance advisers in Townsville. Our first obligation is to our clients. The person you shall be dealing with will either be one of the owners or shall report to the one of the owners of the business. We believe in what we do and the investment and insurance products we provide.

Our journey

As all businesses progress through a journey, has been about improvement and refining our financial planning practise. This shall never cease and we boast some of the simplest yet sophisticated investment management techniques available.

What our clients say

Becoming first time business owners in 2012, it was important to us to ensure our personal and business finances were properly protected, especially with various parties invested in our company. We enlisted Warren and his team at Wealth & Retirement Solutions, who made light work of our various insurances and legalities, even dealing direct with our solicitors to ensure all bases were covered. They did such a fantastic job with our business needs, that they’ve become our go-to-guys for personal finance arrangements as well, and should anything ever happen to us we are secure in the knowledge that WRS will be there to help. - Tammy McCanna and Hannah Leith

Ross is a thoroughly professionally and deeply knowledgeable financial advisor who puts his clients’ interests first, knowing that his business success will surely follow.
Ross had given us great financial advice in establishing and running our SMSF. He is also a great sounding board for general business related matters. He has selected a great team to support him, a sure sign of a good leader and successful businessman.
Ross is wise, caring and careful; great qualities for an enduring financial partnership. - Ian Sampson

Karen and I were first introduced to Warren and Donna in the mid-nineties. At the time we were paying excessive company tax so our new accountant organised a meeting with Warren and I can honestly say that it was the most productive thing that we have ever done. Warren was instrumental in setting up our property trust and super fund thus saving us paying substantial taxes. Now in retirement in lovely Hervey Bay Karen and are reaping the benefits of the trust that we put in Warren and the team. Over the years we have introduced a number of our business acquaintances to Warren and they are in the same frame of mind as myself, you are treated not only as a client but also as a friend.
Karen and I would like to wish Warren and the Team at WRS continuing success.
- Harry and Karen Foks


Fenton & Associates Financial Advisors


Our financial advisers do not recommend: Investments with high fees or complicated fee/commission structures.

We have never taken commissions on the placement of investments, rather, we have always believed that fees should be based on the complexity of advice, not on the amount a person has available to invest.

This latter arrangement usually results in high fees that bear no relevance to the financial advice provided - it is in fact so inappropriate, it was outdated on 1 July 2012.

We have a prudent, conservative approach when it comes to selecting investments for our clients.

Before recommending any investment, we undertake a rigorous research process. It is paramount we fully understand the investment. Testament to this process is our track history - we have never recommended any failed investment scheme - no Trio, Fincorp, Westpoint, Bridgecorp, or Elm, to name but a few.

Nor have our clients been advised to aggressively borrow to invest in shares or other schemes.

Ongoing financial review

Planning for your financial future and well-being is not a 'set & forget' arrangement.

It's important we ensure the financial planning strategies employed for you remain appropriate, are changed as required, and that your investments and insurance arrangements remain consistent with your objectives.

There will be occasions when your personal circumstances change, legislation changes and your investments & insurances require review.

We take the worry out of managing your financial future by taking care of the detail and guiding you along the way.

When we are notified of alterations to your investments & insurances, such as fee revisions or changes to a fund manager's activities, we will assess the impact of these changes for you and provide recommendations where appropriate.

With the ever changing legislative landscape in financial planning, the best strategy today may not be suitable in the future. When changes occur we identify if you will be affected, and if so, we assess the impact on you and provide you with the necessary advice to ensure you are best positioned to adapt to the changes.

When you approach certain 'life stages' such as the attainment of Age Pension age, we will assess whether there are strategies available to secure entitlement to Centrelink income support payments and/or concession cards.

In preparation for a future need for residential aged care (whether for you or a parent), we will help you to analyse your financial options, and to identify the strategies available to you that can help with minimising costs.

Finally, when you or your family are faced with death (again, whether it be you, your partner or another family member), you will have the security of our established relationship and expertise to fall back on.

We will help you manage the tax issues associated with the death of an investor, as well as identify and implement strategies that will allow your beneficiaries to move forward in good financial shape.

Given the variables associated with investment, government legislation, the economy and life in general, you will find that we will be actively working on your behalf while ever you employ us.

The financial planning process

Following your initial consultation, your financial adviser will ascertain if we are able to help you and improve upon your financial future. If so, we will provide you with an Advice Proposal that will specify the scope of advice to be provided and the associated cost.

If you would like us to proceed on that basis, we then prepare the Financial Advice Document (known as the Statement of Advice) and we arrange a further consultation with you for presentation of our recommendations.

If your Statement of Advice includes recommendations that require implementation and you wish to proceed, we will assist you throughout this process.

Our Statements of Financial Advice are tailored and comprehensive. We do not provide generic, low quality advice.

Your Statement of Advice will detail the ongoing service arrangement appropriate to your circumstances, if required, and will specify our ongoing fee for this service.

Our ongoing financial planning services are also tailored to your circumstances. You pay us an ongoing fee for the specified services we provide.

We believe that becoming a client of Fenton & Associates in Townsville is a two way process. It is not only important for clients to be comfortable with our approach, it is equally important for us to ensure the clients we take on have the same philosophical approach.

If it is your preference to behave speculatively and chase high risk strategies, it is likely you will not be suited to us.

Dear Paul,

This testimonial is written in the sincere wish that others may not make the same mistakes that I made in respects to financial advice. After working for the same company for thirty-two years, it announced sudden closure, throwing three hundred employees into turmoil; I took a conservative line, choosing a very large well-established firm for investment advice.

All seemed well for the first few years. In the short time I was with them my adviser was changed four times. I discovered that they were using franchised advisers that were more interested in their commission than service to me, with the heavy undisclosed service fee being charged reducing my planned income stream considerably.

A friend recommended I see his financial planning adviser "Mr Paul Fenton". It was Paul that pointed out the cost I was incurring with the previous plan, and with a no pressure talk he explained a strategy that my wife and I could take to early retirement, including the Centerlink benefits for the two of us. Being once bitten I cautiously ventured into the recommendations that he described. Over the three consultations he conducted the entire strategy was explained and we were able to significantly better our financial position and most of all feel confident in our adviser. Having his office in town I have been able to get instant advice on our financial plan at short notice, and have been completely satisfied with the service that we have received from Fenton & Associates.
- Don Matthew

How financial planning works:

Financial Planner TownsvilleWhatever you desire for your lifestyle or whatever your goals may be, the success of any goal in life requires a well thought out and tailored plan, especially when it comes to your finances. Professional and expertly organised and executed financial planning has seen many clients reach their ultimate goals where once seemed impossible to achieve. Through innovative yet proven strategies, expert financial planning will assist you in not only discovering your specific, personal financial goals but also work with you to help you build a pathway to achieve them. Making complex matter a lot more straightforward for our everyday Australian clients, you will have the confidence you need to make the right decisions to benefit your short and long term goals for many years to come.

How to get started:

While it may be daunting at first to invest in a professional financial planner, the long-term results will soon prove why seeking this valuable advice was the best decision in securing your financial future and freedom. At Growth Financial, the selections we make for our clients are carefully hand picked, always keeping you and your requirements at the forefront of our minds. By clicking on the ‘Get a Free Quote’ button above you will be provided with specially chosen Financial Planners in your state so you can take the first step to ensuring your financial freedom and control.

Why seek out financial advice?

Most of us just do not have the time to dive deep into fully understanding everything impacting our financial future and as this process can be extremely time-consuming and difficult to wrap our heads around we often find ourselves not knowing what you should do to ensure a better financial situation. Professional financial advice and solutions will give you the reassurance and peace of mind that you are making the best possible decisions for your current financial situation and for your future. They will assist you in navigating difficult financial situations and decisions no matter how big or small the matter may be as well as arming you with the valuable advice so you are able to make the most your of your hard-earned dollars.

Benefits of having a financial planner?

Investing in a professional, expert financial planner pays off exponentially in the long run. Imagine being able to have the financial freedom and security you have always dreamed of and the peace of mind that you have a professional in your corner, with your best interests in mind to assist you in making the right choices for you and your loved one. The advantages of hiring a professional financial planner are:

  • Determining and defining your financial goals
  • Creating an individual plan and pathway on exactly how to achieve your goals
  • Providing proven strategies to secure your financial future
  • Specific and effective retirement plans
  • Advice on how to get the most out of your superannuation
  • Assistance in the management of budgets, savings and debt


At Growth Financial, we are committed to finding you the right financial planner to suit you and meet all of your needs while providing expert advice to help you achieve the goals that you deserve. Connect with the best financial planner in Townsville today.