financial planner

It is a general misconception that seeking the assistance of a Financial Planner is only for the wealthy, however, over the years, the benefits provided through expert financial planner has resulted in its popularity skyrocketing amongst everyday Australians across the nation. Whether you are looking to structure a strategic plan on how to best handle your finances, get yourself out of debt or obtaining professional and expert advice on how to secure your financial freedom, a professional and experienced Financial Planner will put you on the right path to achieving your financial goals. Regardless of how big or small your financial goals may be, it is always highly recommended to seek out the assistance of an expert to ensure the best possible outcome, your needs are met and to be provided with the support you deserve. You may be finding yourself at a loss when it comes to where to start. What to look for when choosing the right Financial Planner for you. This article will delve deep into exactly what you need to know, to arm yourself with the vital information and insights of what to look for, so you feel confident in your decision to invest in a Financial Planner.



When you are initially researching and comparing Financial Planners available to you, the first and one of the most crucial factors to look at is do they have the required qualifications and ensuring they are a Certified Financial Planner (CFP). This secure their credibility and gives you the reassurance and peace of mind that they are fully equipt with the necessary knowledge to give you the best possible advice and the experience to structure a workable plan that suits your needs to enable you to achieve your financial goals.


Transparency and Communication

A good Financial Planner will generally explain any upfront and ongoing cost to you in your first meeting, while ensuring you have a comprehensive understanding of the process and the fees included. If for some reason this does not occur, ask! Make sure you feel completely comfortable and have a full understanding of exactly what you are signing up for. Your Financial Planner should provide complete transparency on what you should expect and if things seem too good to be true, they usually are.


What Types of Services Do They Offer

This again comes back to what we discussed in the first point - their experience and credentials. There is no point seeking advice from a professional who specialises in retirement plans if you are trying to get yourself out of debt. Without the proper licencing there are certain restrictions on the advice they are able to provide. Do you research, check qualifications and make sure you ask questions. At the end of the day, it is YOUR finances that depends on making sure you have found the right fit.


Shop Around

You should never settle for the first Financial Planner that lands at your feet. Shop around, do your research, compare fees, ask for references, make sure you feel 100% comfortable before investing. The best, fastest and easiest way to do this is through a Financial Planner broker or a company that provides a service that completes the comparisons for you.


Shop Around

We thought we would leave the best to last. One of the most fundamental factors in choosing the right Financial Planner to suit you is first determining then possessing a comprehensive understanding of your personal financial needs and goals. Armed with this understanding you will be able to clearly and precisely express your needs and in turn find a Financial Planner that aligns with your goals to better help in achieving them.

Financial Planning is all about strategy. Building a strategy plan from your identified financial goals then how to strategically implement them in your life. Through this list we have explained exactly why you also need to practice the same level of strategy when choosing the right Financial Planner for you. By truly understanding your financial needs and goals first, you will be equipped with knowing exactly what you want to gain from your Financial Planner and through their Financial Planning process. That, paired with knowing the questions to ask and red flags to look out for (i.e. too good to be true) then you will have the confidence and peace of mind when choosing the best financial planner for you.

It is no wonder why Financial Planning nation-wide across Australian is growing in popularity as the benefits can be exponential. However, to ensure a positive outcome, you must first choose the right Financial Planner to suit your needs and your goals and by following the quick and easy tips and tricks mentioned above you can achieve just that.