Need Financial Advice?

At Growth Financial we have a genuine passion in securing the financial freedom of everyday Australians across the nation. We carefully hand-pick extremely qualified and experienced Financial Planners in Melbourne Vic to work alongside you while providing tailored plans, strategies and solutions to ensure you are on the right path to being either in complete control of your financial situation or providing expert advice for your financial ventures.

Northeast Wealth

Melbourne CBD, Chadstone, Scoresby

Onwards and upwards

We’re inspired to help people succeed with their money and live their best lives. Our advice helps clients to navigate through the tough challenges and make the most of the big opportunities. By optimising your financial situation, we want you to be able to do more of what you love, sooner.

If you’re here today there’s a good chance you’re looking to get better outcomes with your finances. If so, you’ve come to the right place.

Our approach

We’re proudly one of the few financial advisory groups in Melbourne that is entirely fee-for-service. This means that all clients pay a flat fee for our advice, we take no commissions and we’re not paid by selling you a product. Our clients say that they can trust us because we don’t have any ‘skin in the game’ when making our recommendations, and that’s exactly how we want you to feel.

We are detectives

We are detectives when it comes to your finances. We listen well, ask great questions and get to the bottom of things.

We get results

If you’ve chosen to see a financial adviser Melbourne, you’re looking for improvement and measurable results. We get it, and we deliver.

We work hard for you

We care deeply about your financial progress and know that we have a big role to play here. We’re ‘all in’ to make sure that you achieve the outcomes you’re seeking through wealth management and financial planning.

Our advice

At Northeast, we pride ourselves on providing ‘financial advice with direction’.

This simply means that our advice is personalised, purposeful and delivers outcomes based on the things that really matter to every individual we partner with.

‘What matters most’ differs for people but it’s almost always a combination of achieving goals, having experiences, overcoming money stresses, leaving a legacy and improving lifestyle by creating more time, freedom and choice.

Why people work with us

  • They aspire to make better progress and achieve more in their lives
  • They want to capitalise on their hard work
  • They want to reduce financial stress and uncertainty

The services we offer

Our advice offering is tailored to the needs of each client. Main focuses include:

  • Strategic financial advice
  • Investment and portfolio management
  • Behavioural coaching
  • Super & SMSFs
  • Retirement Planning
  • Tax minimisation
  • Cashflow management
  • Personal / business insurances
  • Debt reduction
  • Saving for children’s education costs


Operating purely on a fee-for service basis, we’re committed to delivering our advice transparently. We promise to provide a specific fixed fee before commencing work for any client.

What our clients say

What I love is that you guys know your stuff but you're not on a pedestal. You talk on my level and care on my level.
- Paul

”So much of the financial worry doesn’t exist anymore. It’s always been hard to identify the progress that we are making and you have cleared that up for us“
- Surge

”I love that you guys go so far beyond the call of duty. We’ve definitely found someone who is on our side and I’ve never felt better about how my finances are going.“
- Jeremy

Verse Wealth

Melbourne, Vic

Live your best life

Your finances aren’t working as hard as you? Perhaps your relationship with money needs improvement? Whatever it is, you’ve come to the right place. In Verse, you’ll have a coach, a team and a cheer squad. Seeing you achieve goals, eliminate worries and live your best life, is why we get out of bed.

We’ll help you make real progress

Not making the financial progress that reflects your hard work? You’re not alone. The right advice will help you save more, invest better, improve net worth and most importantly, achieve the things that matter to you.

Less stress, more time

It’s common for people to worry about money, at least until they get started with us. We’ll work out what’s behind the financial stresses, resolve them and free up your time and energy for what’s important.

A sense of control

Many of us feel like our finances are out of control and beyond our capabilities. A smart strategy supported by clarity, structure and accountability will have you feeling like the boss of your finances in no time.

Avoid money mistakes

Your progress is as much defined by what you get right, as by what you get wrong. Sidestepping dodgy investment choices and false assumptions is essential to creating and keeping momentum.

Confident about the future

Feeling uncertain about the future? It’s hard to know how our decisions and actions will impact our future selves and lifestyle. We join these dots and turn uncertainty into certainty.


Here’s how we approach things:
At Verse, our approach to advice is wildly different to most of the industry. We believe financial advice is a deeply personal experience. The challenges are real, the stakes are high, and the impact can be transformative. Traditional financial planners in Melbourne have focused on sales, products and commissions. We’re obsessive about people, value and transparency. Put simply, we’ve got a laser focus on you, and helping you make decisions that improve your today and create a better tomorrow.

Uniquely personal

Your life is your life, and financial advice needs to reflect it. We’ll align your strategy and decision making to what you value most. There’s nothing cookie cutter here.

Complex made simple

No one wants to be overwhelmed with financial jargon and industry speak. We’re obsessed with simplicity, so you’re empowered and feel in control.

We make you money

Let’s cut to the chase, you’ve got goals but you’re here to make money. Our depth of knowledge, experience and access to professional networks will make sure you do.

No commissions, no kickbacks

We’re not aligned to any financial products and don’t take commissions. That’s the traditional financial advice industry.

Your whole financial life

We manage your entire financial life by surrounding you with the right experts, at the right time. We’re always collaborating so nothing is missed, as everything counts.

Simple Wealth Coaching


Friendly and supportive

There are no problems too big or small. Our Wealth Coach is here to assist anyone that has been thinking about seeking help with their finances.

Not your typical financial adviser

We do not sell you products or take any commissions. ZERO.

Less stress & uncertainty

Our highly qualified Wealth Coach will help uncover your real challenges and what's causing any stresses that you may be having with your finances. They will help you get useful resources in overcoming them. Resources can come in many forms - new perspective, mindset, realisations, goals, tools, strategy and knowledge.

More clarity & confidence

We help you uncover what you value most in life and goals that are aligned to them. We then explore and educate what wealth creation tools or strategy may be relevant for you.

We show, not tell

Are you keen in creating your own wealth creation master plan without someone telling you what’s right for you, but with someone that can truly be by your side to support you in making the right decisions? If yes, we may be the right fit for you.

Sounding board

Ever wanted someone that you can check-in with to see if you are on track or making the right financial decision? We provide you with that support that you wish you had, instead of making decisions influenced by “fear-based” news, “you do not have enough” ads, or chats with friends over BBQ.

Alignment between money and life

There’s no point earning or having lots of money in a life that you do not value or enjoy. We help you explore the right alignment and balance for you.

Wealth coaching - explore, educate & empower

A tailored 1:1 Wealth Coaching program that allows you to explore what wealth creation could be like for you at your own pace. We meet you where you are at.

Wealth to our clients is more than just money. It encompasses growth in your well-being and clarity in life too.

Wealth Coaching is a truly empowering process and is suitable for anyone ready to explore a different way of managing money and growing wealth.

What our clients say

"Vivian is a sincere, thorough and profoundly knowledgable Wealth Coach. She listened like no other, understood my struggles and guided me out of it. She helped me in re-structuring my finances and move into a new career that I have always wanted. Now, I'm in a better position with, my money, career and life." - Ellen

"I can confidently say that I have much more clarity after working with Viv. I am now earning money in a job that I love, spending money only on things that matters to me and investing smartly for my future." - Frances

"It has been an incredible pleasure to work together with Vivian to get my finances in order, and I can happily say that I've never felt more in control." - Sandro

If you are still reading, we may have some level of alignment

You can get in touch by clicking the Contact me button above for a chat.

Story Wealth

Hawthorn Victoria

We give you the confidence to take control of your life and write the next chapter in your story

We work with professionals and business owners who are planning to be financially independent within the next 10 years (pre-retirement planning).

We continue to work with those people throughout their retirement. We deliver goals-based advice which incorporates coaching/behaviour management in relation to finances. Importantly we help clients work out what they want in retirement and why. Methods of communication are varied, depending on personal preferences.

A core value of our service offering is building on nurturing and personal relationships. We advise a growing number of clients who could be regarded as the ‘family key-person’ (every family has the ‘go-to’ person for financial and life advice). We find these people are responsible, smart, conscientious but time poor and often need assistance dealing with the family affairs.

Another strong cohort of our clients are suddenly single women. Once again they are, smart, independently minded, busy with family (parents or children – or both) but finding themselves in a world of finance that is foreign to them.

We provide sound advice and guidance, combined with compassion and understanding to get them on their feet again with the confidence to manage their finances.

As highly qualified and experienced Financial Planners, we never take a cookie-cutter approach. We know that a custom designed financial plan is different for everyone.

We don’t have a cookie-cutter approach to your financial management either, we have a process. We look at your unique circumstances (including your age, income, assets, and aspirations) and apply our proven financial matrix.

This will help to develop a strategy that meets your goals and ensures your future no matter what the government or the economy may do.

We know some clients want to choose a financial planner they trust, and hand everything over. Other clients want to be consulted or at least advised at every step.

You can be as involved in the process as you choose to be, but we always think it’s important for our clients to understand at a big picture level.

Why we give the recommendations we give

How that will help you achieve your outcomes, even if you don’t want to know the specifics.

What we actually do:

Our experienced team provide comprehensive professional assistance with your financial strategy. Also ongoing asset management, and other aspects of wealth creation and protection including.

  • Pre-retirement
  • Financial Structure and Planning
  • Ensuring a Comfortable Income During Retirement
  • Superannuation and Estate Planning.

Aged Care Advice

For most of our clients, financial planning is far more than simply planning for a comfortable retirement, and taking care of their family.

It’s about enjoying life today, creating experiences, and having confidence that tomorrow will be even better.

At Story Wealth Management we have the credentials, experience, support and an impressive string of awards to prove that we deliver the results!

What our clients say

“Over many years those who sought to advise me regarding my finances invariably tried to impose those ideas which appealed to them. Anne was recommended to me by my accountant and when I first saw her went to considerable lengths to establish what it was that I was seeking for my future, including in many areas which it had not occurred to me to consider, and then provided the advice to achieve that goal.
As a consequence I retired last year in circumstances which I would never have achieved without her guidance. She was the only person who took the trouble to find out what was was important to me ad then to help me achieve that."
- Trevor

“Before walking through the door of Story Wealth Management, I was feeling completely overwhelmed. After a recent separation and with my financial settlement pending, I was faced with some big decisions about the next steps, regarding my financial future. Having limited knowledge and experience in this area, it was reassuring to have Anne Graham and her wonderful team talk me through the various options in such a way that gave me confidence to be able to make informed choices about which way to go.
It was very helpful to have a kind and sensitive team, who not only listened to me and assessed my needs and concerns, but have developed a financial plan for me, that will ensure my financial security up to retirement age and beyond.

I cannot recommend ‘Story Wealth Management’ highly enough, for their expertise and attention to detail.
I have valued their input and guidance enormously, and am looking forward to an ongoing relationship with them.”
- Rosemary

“My wife Rita and I came to Story Wealth financial planning for advice as they had come highly recommended by our accountant (who is also a client). The first thing I noticed when I came to their offices was the number of awards Anne Graham had won as a financial planner. As we met with Anne and her team over a series of meetings, I came to understand why she had won these awards. We found Anne to be very warm and friendly but also highly professional and able to help us navigate our way through our many wishes and desires for our financial future.

The final report they produced for us was very detailed but easy to read and digest and contained a wealth of knowledge to help us properly plan for our future. Overall we were very happy with our experience and plan to have them advise us on our financial future going forward”
- S & R Russo

Cursio Group

Carlton Victoria

Adam Cursio is one of the very few financial planners in the country who not only boasts almost 20 years’ experience in financial services but also five years as a buyer advocate in the real estate game

His genuine passion for property and building wealth for clients using this popular asset class is what sets him apart as the go to guy for your next property purchase.

Adam is not the typical property provider keen to ‘sell’ you investment grade property from a pre-selected stock list. He is a Buyers Agent, who places the responsibility of finding your next property onto yourself.

He would rather coach you to find the property you need that meets your requirements. He will then guide you through the process of understanding why particular properties work for you or not. He most enjoys assisting his clients to negotiate the deal and to be armed with knowledge on how to be better equipped to play the property game.

The best part is that he is also a Financial Planner and he works more like a planner than a real estate agent would. He has acquired a wealth of knowledge through finance that sets him well above the pack in terms of his professionalism and can guide you on all the relevant aspects of your plan around the property purchase.

After property selections have been made and agreed on, the real value comes from Adam’s negotiating and auction bidding skills. He has won many deals for clients over the years and he enjoys nothing more than having successful outcomes for his clients. He is very personable yet tough in negotiating and you’ll see how valuable it an be to have someone like this on your side.

Here is how Adam can help you

Create your search criteria and prioritise the key attributes that your property must have.
Formulate a shortlist of properties to consider. Provide analysis and genuine honest feedback on each property. Negotiate the deal on your behalf. Bid at auction on your behalf. Protect your asset with a tailored personal insurance plan.

If you don’t have finance organised, Adam works closely with mortgage brokers who can also help saving you time and energy along the way, without the need to go into a bank. Adam’s other passion is insurance. He has specialised in securing clients’ wealth through tailored risk insurance packages for many years. Significant life events like buying a property or giving birth are crucial times you should consider reviewing your life insurance and income protection plans.

To organise a no obligation and free of charge planning session over the phone with Adam simply email [email protected] or call 0418 101 982. Visit for more information.

What our clients say

Adam Cursio has always been there for help in business related matters especially in insurance and finance. We have always been able to count on him and his family business who put a lot of passion into their work. Very trustworthy family and happy to recommend Cursio Group to anyone looking for advice.
- Anthony B

Cursio Group have helped us to pass as much risk on to insurers as possible.
This has allowed us to focus on what we do best, knowing that we are covered and looked after by an experienced team of brokers. Thanks guys!
- Tijana D

Adam helped me to negotiate a great deal on my motor policy and we look forward to building our relationship with the team at Cursio Group in the near future.
- Steve T

Rising Tide


Melbourne based financial planners and mortgage brokers, Rising Tide Financial Services have been providing financial advice and service in Melbourne and across Australia for more than a decade

With a focus on thoughtful proven advice to Gen X and Y audiences, our process has helped us become an industry leader in financial services. We know the journey - we are on it ourselves. Our team is made up of talented advisers who are on the same path to their financial goals.

Whether you are a business owner, first home buyer, professional, or a young single or family trying to navigate your way to financial freedom. Our award winning team will work with you providing strategic advice around planning, mortgage broking and finding trustworthy lending institutions to get the best deal for you.

Our motto is about providing you the freedom to say YES. Freedom to say Yes to those things important to you - buying your first home, securing your financial future, managing superannuation or planning the dream holiday or lifestyle purchase.

We work with you to set a plan, we guide and assist you in helping you make the right decisions to achieve your financial goals, whether right now or for the longer term.

What our clients say

We were referred to Sam Gwenda of Rising Tide and could say we were very happy with the result. Sam has a wealth of knowledge and nothing was ever too difficult. Sam and assistant Talia were great with their communication and prompt to reply to any queries. Would definitely recommend.
- Stephanie McLaughlin

Sam Jewel from Rising Tide has been handling my affairs for a number of years now. In that time he has been exceptionally professional and diligent with follow up and has always recommended the appropriate financial services. I believe he has my best interests in mind.
- Chris Tsolis

Sam and his team have been brilliant with our home loan application working with us for over 12 months to get what we needed. Being a small business owner it was a long process, but for Rising Tide nothing ever seemed to hard or an effort. Would highly recommend.
- Luke Bullen

Retire on Track


Welcome To Retire on Track

Retire on Track is a boutique financial advisory practice providing specialist retirement planning and estate planning advice. We’re focused on making it easier for Australians to enjoy a comfortable quality of life in retirement and to ensure that your dependents are well looked after.

Planning for a comfortable retirement can be a complicated and challenging affair, however with the right guidance and advice you can look forward to your retirement years with confidence. This is where Principal Adviser Matt Hempel can help.

Matt has over fourteen years’ experience within the financial advisory profession

He has helped many people from all walks of life make the transition into a comfortable retirement. Matt understands the complexities of superannuation, taxation and Centrelink, and can help you to make the right decisions about your financial future.

Retire on Track was established to provide specialist retirement planning, estate planning and financial advice to pre-retirees and retirees in South-East Melbourne, Melbourne CBD, Brisbane and the Gold Coast.

We make your transition from the workforce into retirement an exciting and enjoyable experience and we will even help you to save some tax along the way

At Retire on Track, we believe that a good quality of life is about more than just money, it’s about ensuring that you’re able to enjoy a comfortable lifestyle now, as well as into the future as your needs change over time.

Planning for a comfortable retirement can be a daunting experience, however with the right guidance and advice you can look forward to your retirement years with confidence. Are you ready to Retire On Track?

What our clients say

We first met Matt approximately 6 years ago when he was working at nab financial planning. We were thinking about our retirement and had some concerns as to whether we would have enough money to retire. From the beginning we felt very comfortable with Matt. He is genuine, trustworthy and sets realistic and achievable expectations.
We had worked hard all our lives and wanted to capitalise on our hard work. Whilst we were in a good financial position, we desperately needed to put in place a plan so that we could achieve our goals and live a comfortable lifestyle in retirement. In addition, Ken wanted to reduce the number of hours he was working which would also impact our income and financial position.
With all this in mind Matt put together a realistic retirement plan and has assisted us to execute it over the past 6 years. I am pleased to say that Matt has delivered on the expectations he set at the beginning and we have achieved all of our goals and more. Thanks to Matt we can look forward to a happy and stress free retirement. We have no trouble recommending Matt to our friends and family.
- June and Ken Coulson

We chose Matt because he is old enough to know what he is doing but young enough to be energised and around for the duration of our retirement. Matt demonstrated the capacity to really listen to our goals (and our anxieties!) and was able to put in place a plan that provided us with clarity and peace of mind. We have no hesitation in recommending Matt to those planning for retirement or wanting to review their retirement plans.
- Bob and Gwenda Miller

I approached Matt Hempel nearly 10 years ago to obtain a path for my financial future and ultimately a comfortable retirement. Matt helped me by providing me with options for the short and long term and put me at ease with my financial position. The results obtained have been above my expectations and one thing I liked was the regular contact and reviews to update me to ensure that I was on course and making adjustments to my plan as required. The whole experience has provided me with confidence about my financial future and the professionalism displayed during our association to be of a high standard. I would recommend Matt to people who need to "Retire on Track.
- Stephen Meyer

About Financial Planning Services in Melbourne

You may be asking yourself what a financial planner MelbourneThe best Financial Planners in Melbourne actually does? A professional and experienced financial planner is worth their weight in gold and will provide extremely valuable plans and advice surrounding all aspects of financial and income management, achieving short and long term financial goals, investment strategies and securing an optimal financial future. They are determined and committed to working with their clients to create custom solutions and pathways so your goals are both achievable and attainable. They specialise in connecting the dots by looking deeply into your current circumstances, determining your specific and individual goals and provide a different outlook and approach on just how you can reach them. The right financial planner will take the needed time and put in the required care and effort to establish your financial objectives, big or small, helping you make the best choices to suit you and your lifestyle.

How to get started:

Taking the first step when it comes to finding the right financial planner for you, can quickly become overwhelming due to the many options presented to you. Growth Financial takes any stress and confusion off your hands and does the work for you by hand-picking the best financial planner in your state to suit your needs. Simply click the ‘Get a Free Quote’ button above to get started today. We are confident in our knowledge in all facets of Financial Planning and will work tirelessly to obtain the best fit for each and every one of our clients. Bringing the right professional and client together to achieve the best possible outcomes is always our ultimate priority.

How to get started

We go deep to unlock insight and have the courage to act. We bring the right people together to challenge established thinking and drive transformation. We work with our clients to build the capabilities that enable organizations to achieve sustainable advantage.

On the other hand, we bossed ourselves around, set impossible goals, and demanded longer hours than office jobs usually entail. It was the ultimate “flextime,” in that it depended on how flexible we felt each day, given deadlines, distractions, and workaholic crescendos.

Why seek out financial advice?

Seeking out the assistance of a skilled financial planning is always highly recommended regardless of how big or small your financial situation or goals are. With strong and backed financial planning behind you comes peace of mind and with structured preparation and expertise the right financial planner will provide you with the much needed advice that will leave you feeling in control and well equipped with the knowledge you need to make the right financial choices. Professional financial advice is a sure fire way to take positive actions toward living the life you desire now and planning for the life you want in the future.

Benefits of having a financial planner?

Many of us have a strong understanding of just how important it is to manage your current finances as well as having a solid plan for your future financial security. We can find ourselves spending a lot of time trying to figure out the right path for us and this can be complicated and very time consuming and can quickly lead to stress. A professional financial planner who is an expert in this field is paramount to discovering the best route to take to achieve your set goals and the benefits they have to offer is endless. The advantages of obtaining the assistance of a financial planner is as follows:

  • Management of your budget, debts and income
  • Providing financial protection advice to benefit you, your loved one, assets and/or business
  • Protection of your income for possible unforeseen circumstances
  • Long-term budgeting, savings and planning for your retirement
  • Valuable investment advice and strategies


Arming yourself with as much knowledge and understanding of your finances as possible and having the assistance of an expert to provide you with proven advice is crucial to making the best financial decisions, now and for your future. Why take the risk when true financial freedom and control is at your fingertips today with Growth Financial. Connect with the best financial planner in Melbourne today.