Need Financial Advice in Brisbane?

Are you finding yourself bogged down under a pile of never ending bills? Do you want to secure your financial future for you and your loved ones or create a comfortable nest egg for your retirement? Are you longing to be in control of your finances instead of feeling controlled and overwhelmed or even interested in investing, but do not know where to start? At Growth Financial we dive deep into your financial position and hand-picked a highly skilled financial planner to work with you, so you can embark on the journey to complete financial freedom.

Lantern Advisory


Unbiased, Holistic Financial Advice

Lantern Advisory is a boutique personal financial advisory firm, providing unbiased, holistic advice, helping clients gain financial security, grow and protect wealth, and minimise tax and risk.

Lantern's financial planning advice is strategic, personalised and ensures customers' interests, needs and objectives take priority.

Lantern's wealth management process is supported by regular reviews and is on an agreed fee-for-service basis.

Financial planning advice is strategic, personalised and takes a fundamental process so that our customer’s interests, needs and objectives take priority.

Choice of services can be limited or holistic including:

  • Superannuation advice
  • Investment advice and inheritance
  • Pre and post retirement planning
  • Self Managed Superannuation Funds
  • Estate and succession planning
  • Taxation minimisation, debt reduction
  • Wealth (risk) protection

The process is supported by regular reviews on an agreed fee for service basis always taking a value-add approach.

Both James and Ian are well qualified and experienced advisers who enjoy working with clients who want to improve their financial position and require high touch, quality advice over the long term.

At Lantern Advisory we work with you to put you on the right path to financial freedom

Lantern Advisory is owned and operated by two highly experienced financial advisers, James Cavanough and Ian Walker, and supported by Neil Smith, a dedicated paraplanner.

James Cavanough

James has 15 years experience as a financial adviser, with an additional 5 years experience within institutional funds management.

This is supported by appropriate educations including a Masters degree in Applied Finance with a focus on investment analytics and corporate finance to ensure sound, reliable investment advice is backed by independent research.

Professional Memberships:

  • FFIN Finsia

Ian Walker

Ian is a highly experienced practitioner in the field of financial planning and wealth management with over 20 years experience supporting Australian business owners, individuals and families.

In addition, Ian is a qualified accountant and a Chartered Tax Adviser as recognised by the Taxation Institute of Australia. Ian maintains strong, current knowledge of all wealth management solutions for his clients and is a regular industry speaker and authority on financial planning matters. He is proactive in his provision of advice and maintains long-term client relationships

Coached Financial Planning


Family Focused Financial Planning

We help young families to maximise their money so they can maximise their time with their loved ones!

Are you a Financially Frustrated Family?

  • Do you feel like your debts are too high?
  • Do you feel like your assets are too low?
  • Do you find it hard to save for the future, even though you're earning a decent income?
  • Do you feel like you should be doing better with your money than what you are right now?

When Money Problems lead to Family Problems

It's very common for families to feel Financially Frustrated when their cashflow is tight, their debts are high and their assets are low. These problems can make life quite stressful - both financially and emotionally.

In fact, Relationships Australia have identified financial stress and work pressure as being the biggest contributors to divorce and relationship breakdown within young families. And, unfortunately, for many families, these two things go hand in hand.

When money is a problem, most families try to fix it by working harder to MAKE more money. But this often just makes things worse because it leads to more time being devoted to work and less time being devoted to family.

What we do in a Nutshell

We help our clients become Financially Free Families by;

  • Keeping more of their hard earned cash
  • Wiping out their debts as fast as possible
  • Building up their wealth over the long term
  • By doing so, our clients have higher levels of financial certainty in the short term and greater levels of financial freedom in the long term.

The reason we do this is because we believe people should 'work to live' rather than 'live to work'. Therefore, our goal when working with our clients is to help them improve their financial situation, so they can afford to spend less time at work and more time with their family.

To us, maximising money for money's sake does not make sense. We believe money should be maximised for more meaningful reasons. And we believe the most meaningful reason to maximise your money is so you can maximise your time with your family.

Our Clients

Our clients are young families. But what does that actually mean? Well, our clients all share some of the following traits;

  • They are young (45 and under).
  • They have young children or are planning to start a family in the near future.
  • They care about spending time with their family.
  • They want to 'work to live' rather than 'live to work'.
  • They want to maximise their money so they can maximise their time with their family, now and in the future.
  • They want to be smart with their money and set themselves up financially, so they don't get stuck in the rat race forever.
  • And they don't want more money for money's sake. They want more money to provide a better life for themselves and their family.

Those are the people we love working with because we share many of the same values and beliefs. We feel very aligned and connected to our clients because we are on a similar journey ourselves. And when all of our clients are on a similar journey, we all get to learn from each other and support each other to achieve what we all really want - which is more money and more time to enjoy life with our families!



Parinity Financial Advice – Our Difference

At Parinity, we believe that true advice should focus on giving you the tools, education and guidance to feel confident with your money and your ability to reach your goals. We are a big proponent for helping clients define what their version of Financial Independence looks like and then helping them keep accountable to the plan and strategies that will help them get there. We are one of the first licensed advice firms in Australia to specifically promote and implement specific F.I.R.E strategies (Financial Independence & Retire Early) for our clients.

Who we help:

  • Medical professionals
  • F.I.R.E focused clients
  • Wealth Accumulators
  • Pre Retirees

How we help:

We provide Strategic Advice across all areas of your financial life, including:

  • Effective Cashflow Management
  • Investment Advice
  • Debt management and structuring
  • Tax advice and structuring
  • Superannuation advice including SMSF strategies
  • Insurance planning
  • Estate planning

We have a clear and transparent fee model that allows us to engage with clients in a range of ways to ensure you get a solution that is right for you. You can find out more here.

Lance Cheung

Lance has over 15 years experience as a financial adviser. He is one of the 15% of advisers in Australia to have postgraduate qualifications, having studied a Masters in Taxation and Financial Planning at UNSW. With a matching undergraduate degree in Commerce and Investments as well as professional qualifications and memberships, Lance has invested his time in acquiring the knowledge to cut through the jargon and help implement the specific strategies that are right for you.

Professional Memberships:

  • Fellow of The Tax Institute of Australia
  • Associate Member of the SMSF Association
  • Member of the FBAA

What our clients say

In a 12 month period of time they helped us get our financial lives in order, purchase our first home, go on a 4 week Europe holiday, purchase a business and get engaged. Through all of the above the team at Parinity have made the whole process seamless, effective and hassle free
— Kris & Steph

Their depth of knowledge and dedication have provided us with sound and rewarding advice that has been paramount in our recent property purchase. Their interest and personalised approach have also provided a sense of comfort and confidence in dealing with our financial affairs.
— Dugald & Brodie

Wealth Architects


Wealth Architects - Design the life you want!

We partner with our clients to create financial freedom and provide choices through their life journey. Effective relationships require strong strategic partners who take the time to listen, and understand what it is you personally want to achieve. Wealth Architects is a boutique financial planning firm with individually owned businesses throughout Australia.

Wealth Architects has been built on the quality of advice and outcomes we provide to our clients.

Katrina Robbins - Principal & Senior Financial Planner

Katrina has accumulated over 30 years of knowledge, ongoing education and valuable experience looking after clients just like you.

I am passionate about client value and accountability providing a holistic and personal approach. Katrina has worked with high profile financial planning firms in Brisbane prior to establishing Ausure Financial Group (Qld) in 2017.

This year saw our business join with other successful financial planning firms throughout Australia to create Wealth Architects as a national brand.

Katrina is Ambassador of Kaplan where she obtained her Graduate Diploma of Financial Planning

She is a Certified Financial Planner® which is the Financial Planning Association’s highest professional designation and is a SMSF Specialist Adviser Badge Tm with the Self Managed Super Fund Association.

This combined with Katrina’s other speciality qualifications for mortgage broking and direct equity advice to ensure the highest quality advice and knowledge.

I partner with other professionals to ensure financial outcomes are maximised and you are placed in a better position than you could have achieved on your own.

With trust, personalised service and a unique team approach, myself and the Wealth Architects Team will partner with you to provide true peace of mind, knowledge and empowerment.

What my clients say

I would recommend Katrina for her upmost professionalism, knowledge and expertise, but more than that, her compassion and empathy for our individual situation. - Jayne 46 - 55 years old

Katrina is able to explain things to me in a clear way. Through Katrina’s knowledge and experience, I feel very confident that the advice given was right for my needs. I receive Katrina’s full care and attention when I need it. - Deanna 46 - 55 years old

Katrina has given advice on my superannuation, and investments outside of super, managing my income and my cash reserves and asset allocation. - Garry 65 + years old

Aspire Retire


Olivia Maragna – Aspire Retire

Olivia Maragna is one of Australia’s most respected and independent financial experts. She was featured on Channel Nine in the headline story of the Federal Budget with Ross Greenwood and Laurie Oakes and was invited by the ABC’s 730 Report as a panel expert leading up to the last Federal Election.

Olivia has been recognised as a driving force in the finance industry and has been named one of the top 10 most financial influences in Australia, sharing the list with the likes of David Koch, Ross Greenwood, Alan Kohler and Mark Bouris.

In 2003, she co-founded Aspire Retire, one of the industry's highest award winning financial advisory firms, servicing clients Australia wide.

Olivia has made a habit of breaking through barriers and has been presented with:

  • Hall of Fame Award for Business Achievement
  • Awarded 2019 Australia’s top 50 Financial Advisers
  • The Australian Financial Review’s Top 10 Emerging Leaders for 2014
  • The WIFS 2013 Financial Planner of the Year
  • The 2012 AFA Adviser of the Year

In a career punctuated with Australian ‘firsts’ and major business awards including the Young Business Woman of the Year, MYOB Business of the Year and the AFA Australian Female Excellence Award, Olivia has always been driven by making a difference to her clients.

Olivia is a sought after speaker on money and business across the country at various national/international organisations and currently serves as a judge for the Telstra Business and Women's Awards.

She has been featured on the front cover of 6 National magazines and has been published/featured in hundreds of articles in mainstream media across TV, print and radio.

HSP Private Wealth


HSP Private Wealth - Holistic Strategic Planning - Brisbane

About us

HSP Private Wealth is a multi-award-winning boutique financial planning firm based in Brisbane, Australia. We provide world-class financial advice and service to clients across Australia seeking professional, expert, and non-product-oriented solutions.

At HSP Private Wealth we aim to build strong, trusting relationships and to educate, support and assist our clients to make good, informed decisions. The value that we deliver is measured by the peace of mind that our clients’ experience as a result of our advice and service and the progress made as goals and objectives are ultimately accomplished. Equally as important however, are the mistakes that our clients avoid by receiving honest, sensible and practical advice.

James Kenny - Managing Director

James’ career spans more than 20 years in financial services. James spent eleven years working as a financial adviser within a number of high profile Brisbane-based boutique Financial Planning firms prior to establishing HSP Private Wealth in 2018.

James is a practitioner member of the Financial Planning Association (FPA) and the former Deputy Chair and Treasurer of the Brisbane Chapter of the FPA.

James holds a Bachelor of Commerce Degree in Financial Planning and Investments (Accounting major), and is a CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER® (an internationally recognised standard and the Financial Planning Association’s highest professional designation). James has also completed specialist training to provide advice in relation to complex areas such as self-managed superannuation.

James is the first Financial Planner in Australia to win three prestigious awards in the same year including:

  • 2013 FPA Best Practice Award – National Winner, CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER® Professional category
  • 2013 PlanPlus Global Financial Planning Award
  • 2013 Money Management Financial Planner of the Year

Our Awards

HSP Private Wealth is proud to be one the most highly awarded Financial Planning firms in Australia. We believe that publicly promoting the value of great advice is critical to help elevate consumer confidence in the Financial Planning Profession and demonstrate the quality of our advice and service to prospective clients.

Our awards include:

  • 2017 PlanPlus Global Financial Planning Award – Runner-Up
  • 2017 Independent Financial Adviser Excellence Awards – Holistic Adviser of the Year (National Finalist)
  • 2017 Independent Financial Adviser Excellence Awards – Goals Based Adviser of the Year (National Finalist)
  • 2017 Independent Financial Adviser Excellence Awards – Best Client Servicing Individual of the Year (National Finalist)
  • 2013 Money Management Financial Planner of the Year
  • 2013 PlanPlus Global Financial Planning Award – Winner, Asia Region
  • 2013 Queensland and National FPA CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER® Professional Best Practice Award
  • 2013 AFR Smart Investor Masterclass exam – Top 50 Honour Roll
  • 2012 Money Management Financial Planner of the Year Finalist (Top 5)
  • 2012 FPA Best Practice Awards – Qld CFP® Winner & National Highly Commended
  • 2012 Wealth Professional Top 50 Adviser
  • 2011 FPA Best Practice Awards – Brisbane CFP® Winner
  • 2010 AFR Smart Investor Masterclass exam – National Top 10
  • 2009 FPA Value of Advice Awards – National Finalist (Top 3)


Visis Private Wealth


Chris Smith, Founding Partner of VISIS Private Wealth, is an award-winning financial adviser to clients across Australia and around the world including executives, medical professionals, business owners, self-funded retirees and high net wealth individuals and families.

  • Honours List – Chris Smith & VISIS Private Wealth
  • Winner - Certified Financial Planner of the Year 201
  • Finalist - Certified Financial Planner of the Year 2018
  • Finalist – Professional Practice of the Year 2018 & 2019
  • Winner - Independent Financial Advice
  • Excellence Awards – Investment Adviser of the Year & SMSF Adviser of the Year 2018
  • Winner – Independent Financial Advice
  • Excellence Awards – Adviser of the Year
  • Best Client Service Adviser - 2015
  • Winner - Independent Financial Advice Excellence Awards - Holistic Advice Firm - 2017 & 2018
  • Winner - Independent Financial Advice Excellence Awards – Best Client Service Firm - 2017
  • Winner - Independent Financial Advice Excellence Awards - Boutique Advice Firm – 2015
  • Barrons Top 50 List of Advisers – 2017, 2018 & 2019

With more than 20 years’ experience in private wealth management, Chris is known for his expertise in advice and investment management and especially for his passion for helping his clients achieve financial success.

When establishing VISIS in 2001, Chris was determined to employ an approach to advising clients that set VISIS apart from the traditional financial planning services provided by large financial institutions.

Today, VISIS is recognised as one of Australia’s leading private wealth firms – known for its integrity, exceptional wealth management expertise and client-first approach.

VISIS is 100% privately owned and licenced meaning there are no external alliances eliminating the historical conflict of interest issues witnessed in financial planning. The VISIS team has a strong track record of building successful, long-term client relationships. The success of VISIS is measured by their client’s success.

At every step, Chris is on-hand to navigate the ‘big picture’ while his team are on hand to support his clients with every aspect of their financial needs.

Taking a proactive approach to advising clients means he’s constantly working to identify and capitalise on new opportunities, and quickly manage changes if they arise.

Chris's honest, straightforward approach to advice enables clients to make clear, informed decisions with confidence.

The financial strategies Chris and his team develop for his clients are based on detailed knowledge of their position and deep market insight. The advice is personalised to each client and finely tuned to meet their individual goals.

This welcomed personal approach is combined with a full range of services and vast expertise. VISIS has the heart of a boutique business with the resources and track record of a market leader.

With offices in Sydney and Brisbane, if you would like to meet to discuss how Chris can assist you to shape your financial future, please email him at [email protected].

What our clients say

Chris and his team – one that means that I believe I am getting great financial advice from people who care. - VISIS Client

Chris and his team are good, honest and ethical. They have a no nonsense approach and sound understanding of the market. They look after you. - VISIS Client

We are very financially secure because of the partnership with Chris and VISIS. This allows us to do anything that we want to do. - VISIS Client


Retirewell Financial Planner


Will you retire well?

You deserve a wealth management partner who understands your unique needs and can deliver comprehensive solutions. Retirewell Financial Planning is that partner.

A Retirewell financial adviser can provide you with access to the expertise of a specialised, boutique financial services firm offering personalised service. As Retirewell is owned by its directors, it has no vested interests — so you have the confidence of knowing that your highly qualified and experienced adviser will make recommendations based solely on your specific needs.

Founded in 1995, Retirewell provides wealth management services that can help you manage your assets, protect your wealth and build your legacy.

Our ideal client

You may be a professional, an executive, a small to medium business owner, a self-funded retiree, a wealthy investor, or a high income earner, needing advice on how to achieve your financial goals.

You may be approaching retirement, have inherited some money, received a financial settlement or sold a property or business. Or you may consider yourself to be just an ordinary person, with investment assets (including super) of at least $250,000. You want to establish a lifetime relationship with a trusted financial adviser, so you can have the time and means to realise your dreams and focus on living. You want to establish a long-term financial plan, or review your existing strategy.

Alan Baker

MCom(FinPlan) CFP® DipFP SSA CDec is an Associate Director of Retirewell. Alan is a Certified Financial Planner® (the Financial Planning Association’s highest professional designation), has completed the Diploma of Financial Planning through Deakin University and a Master of Commerce (Financial Planning) degree with Distinction through the University of Western Sydney.

He holds the professional designation of SMSF Specialist Advisor™ through the SMSF Association. Alan has been a financial planner since 1985, having previously worked at Prudential-Bache Securities (then the world’s fourth largest stockbroker) and KPMG Financial Services (a division of the world’s then largest accounting firm) before joining Retirewell early in 1997.

What our clients say

Anybody looking for professional advice on their retirement financial planning? You don't need to look any further. This is the place to be!  - Retirewell Client

Retirewell’s friendly, helpful staff is always happy to discuss our concerns. We are made to feel part of the Retirewell ‘family’. Advice is always researched and takes into account our individual needs.
- Retirewell Client

The strengths of Retirewell include good communication, good quality advice and the integrity of everyone I deal with.
- Retirewell Client

How financial planning works:

Financial Planner BrisbaneAt certain times in our lives we all need a bit of guidance and support when it comes to making important decisions, when it comes to something as vital as your finances why would there be any exceptions. Our professional team will assist you in making the right and most well informed decision in all aspects of organising and planning your financial ventures and/or goals. Professional and personalised financial planning is crucial to successfully managing, investing or arranging your finances to best suit either yours and your family’s needs or the needs of your business. A trusted financial planner is an amazing resource who will assess and review your current financial state and help identify your goals both short and long term while providing specific and proven strategies to assist both individual clients and corporations work differently to ensure the best possible outcomes.

How to get started:

While it may be daunting at first to invest in a professional financial planner, the long-term results will soon prove why seeking this valuable advice was the best decision in securing your financial future and freedom. By helping everyday Australians as well as small and large businesses we have mastered our craft and have the comprehensive understanding required in all aspects of financial planning. To obtain your free quote for a hand-picked and customised financial planner to meet all of your needs, simply click on the ‘Get a Free Quote’ button and enter your email and start your journey to complete financial security and control.

Why seek out financial advice?

Seeking out the assistance of a financial planner and receiving professional advice in all facets of your finances and financial goals is worth its weight in gold. Studies prove that choosing the right financial planner to meet your individual needs and assist in achieving your specific goals can make a world of difference in creating the lifestyle and future you desire. It is vital to work alongside a knowledgeable financial planner to assist you in making educated and well-informed financial decisions to ensure your goals are both attainable and achievable. This is where we come in and work with you to determine the best match between client and planner, to create the ultimate environment to improve your financial situation.

Benefits of having a financial planner?

A highly qualified and experienced financial planner will provide proven strategies while offering a tailored approach to your unique and individual circumstances. Whether you are looking for more financial freedom, control, protection and security or you are seeking valuable expert advice in more complex financial matters such as investment then the benefits of having a professional financial planner is countless. These benefits include but are not limited to:

  • Creating financial goals and the required pathways that will help you achieve them
  • Providing expert advice proving to be paramount to making profitable investments securing your financial future; as well as advice on how to appropriately invest your super and tax refunds
  • Crucial and at times life-changing assistance in clearing and managing debt along with dealing with financial hardship and tough financial situation
  • Proper retirement pathway plannings


Ultimately, choosing the right financial planner for you and your circumstances will not only set you up for the best possible outcome when it comes to your financial freedom and future but seeking this professional advice and planning will relieve a huge amount of money related stress and worry you may otherwise experience. Connect with the best financial planner in Brisbane today.