Need Financial Advice on the Gold Coast?

Australians are seeking the expert advice of professional financial planners more and more over the years due to the proven results and outcomes. Creating a thorough and structured plan that suits your lifestyle and goals is paramount and the assistance of a seasoned financial planner will help you achieve those goals in a manageable and realistic way. It has been shown that feeling secure in not only your current financial situation but also in the plans for your future has a positive impact on your overall well-being as financial security can strongly effect all aspects of your life and the life of your loved ones. At Growth Financial we work with you to obtain the best possible option when it comes to finding the best match between financial planner and client.

Sunlife Group

Runaway Bay

A clear pathway to financial success

Our motto Life’s better when the Sun’s out, best describes our mandate of improving our client’s financial life so that they can start enjoying the things that really matter.

We understand that everyone has their own unique story. That’s why we don’t just give advice, we encourage, inspire and transform our client’s financial well-being by developing a clear pathway to their financial success and help them stay on track.

In our experience, most people are looking for practical ways to advance themselves financially and achieve their dreams, whether it’s:

  • Reducing the tax they pay
  • Becoming financially efficient so they can enjoy a better lifestyle
  • Paying off their mortgages sooner
  • Making the right investment choice(s)
  • Providing their children with the best education
  • Creating wealth for the future and leaving a legacy for their children
  • Becoming debt free before retirement

Some people have other genuine concerns, such as the uncertain economic times ahead, navigating the changing global and domestic investment landscapes, understanding legislative changes that could impact them financially, and choosing the right investments amidst the continual advancements in technology that are shaping our future.

All of this can impact you financially, so it’s important to stay abreast of all this change and seek the right advice from a team that’s dedicated to the financial well-being of their clients.

As the senior adviser and business owner of Sunlife, there’s no greater satisfaction for us than to see our clients excel financially and the positive impact it has on their lives.

Just remember that the road to success is always under construction, and that sometimes you need to take a detour and embrace new beginnings.

What makes me unique as a financial adviser is my experience

I have an extensive background in finance, property and investments. I specialise in self-managed super funds and I am registered on the tax practitioners board.

I continually advance my education in all areas concerning tax, finance, superannuation and investments to stay abreast of the latest updates and strategies to keep my clients ahead of the game.

All of this helps me provide well rounded and holistic advice in various areas for more meaningful and better financial outcomes for my clients.

We want our clients to know we are there with them on the pathway to financial success.

I invite you to experience the Sunlife Living way of doing things by making a confidential and complimentary appointment with me to discuss your story, your ideas and the things you’d like to improve.

Let's see if we can make the sun come out for you and brighten your financial future.

What our clients say

Our family would like to express our support and satisfaction of the services that Steve Luman and his team provides. We have been clients of Steve for a few years now, during which he has helped our family with some great financial and investment strategies that are enabling us to move closer towards our financial independence and retirement plans. We would gladly recommend Steve and his team to anyone who is looking to secure their future in this area.

We have been longstanding clients of Steve and his team since we purchased our first investment property over 5 years ago, and would highly recommend their services to anyone. They have assisted us throughout this time with a variety of potential investment opportunities, reviewing our life insurance policies, and establishing trust funds on behalf of our family, ranging from short to long term financial planning. We have found Steve and his team to be very professional and knowledgeable in their relevant areas of expertise and are always contactable, courteous and helpful whenever we needed to discuss any matter. All of our interactions has made us feel at ease in the way everything has been explained and also comfortable in asking any questions. We feel valued as their clients and look forward to continue to work with Steve and his team to meet our goals.

When we first met Steve Luman we already owned an investment property but we wanted to see how we could improve our finances and grow our investment portfolio. Fast forward 6 years (and two kids) later and we are well and truly excelling financially and feel like our future is secure. Steve has helped us with our financial & investment decisions, and we have recently established our self-managed super fund and are onto our fourth investment property. We have also upgraded our family home, and are looking forward to continuing to build our investment portfolio with Steve’s guidance. Steve is a dedicated professional and we have no hesitation in recommending his services.

Inspired Financial Planners


Who we are and what inspired our formation?

Inspired Financial Planners was founded by Grant Millar in 2017 in a movement to create real value in people’s financial lives. It cuts away from looking simply at the facts and figures about your situation and focuses on YOU as an individual – what’s on paper doesn’t define you. This is why you’ll find our method a little different to others in the industry.

Our core focus is on two things:

  1. Understanding what is meaningful and important to you
  2. Improving your capacity to have more of what is meaningful and important to you

What’s our process and are we right for you?

Let’s have a quick chat over the phone so we can start getting to know you, and vice versa. If it’s clear that we’re a good fit to work together, we’ll arrange a time to meet in person or via teleconference – whatever’s easier. By the end of the first meeting, we’ll have a pretty clear understanding of what you need and what kind of work will be involved, so before the end of the first meeting we will let you know what the cost will be to give you advice that’ll get your financial life back on track. We’ll then put together a plan to do that and hold your hand to implement the plan.

The first meeting is on us. We’ve got your back.

What kind of clients do we typically work with?

Anyone registered with the AHPRA.

We understand that you have specialist skills relating to human anatomy. We also understand that life is busy. Operating your finances can be complicated and time consuming. You want to make the right choices now and into the future. We simplify things so you get the right outcomes with someone who cares about you and your unique situation.

While we primarily work with people in the health and wellness professions, we also work with people in other professions who are looking to make the right step forward, when we see that we can offer genuine value.

What do we do?

While not an exhaustive list, our key services cover the following areas:

  • Money Coaching
  • Debt Management
  • Lifestyle Planning
  • Future Planning
  • Tax Minimisation
  • Personal & Business Insurance
  • Superannuation & SMSF

How do you reach us?
Whatever’s easiest for you.

Facebook Messenger:
Email: [email protected]
Phone: 0421 252 356

Oasis Financial Planning


We strive to be the leading providers of personalised financial education, strategy and advice for all financial planning needs

We are committed to providing the highest quality education, support and financial planning advice to our clients.

We do this through a personalised approach focused on developing an understanding relationship with you so that we can meet your specific needs now and throughout your life.

Our high standard of education and experience obtained over the last 17 years allows us to do this in a personalised but professional and investment commission-free manner.

At Oasis Financial Planning we provide financial planning services to people just like you that want a professional, fee for service (fee-only financial planning advice) approach.

We personalise financial planning advice to your specific situation, and this can include

Getting the basics right – everyone can improve their finances, you just don’t know how yet. Start by getting the basics right, then you will be positioned to do so much more with your situation and life.

Budgeting and cash flow management. Cash-flow is the most important issue to get right. Make sure your cash-flow is healthy and increase your spare cash. We can help stop you going backwards, start you getting ahead and change you from living pay to pay to actually having some spare money each week.

Debt reduction and debt consolidation strategies – reduce your debt, reduce what your debt it is costing you, and pay it all off sooner.

Superannuation – personal super and Self-Managed Super Fund. Yes you can be achieving more with your superannuation. You don’t have to watch it drop in value for yet another year, and you can reduce your super fees.

Personal insurance – protect you, your family and your income giving you peace of mind, and find out how it does not have to cost anything to your cashflow. Life insurance, total & permanent disability insurance and income protection insurance.

Investment and wealth creation strategies. What should you be investing in?

Shares, managed funds, property. All, some or none can be appropriate and can make you money. You just need to be understood and shown what is best for your situation and goals?

Pre-retirement and retirement planning – anyone in their 50 or older, whether working or retired will be missing out on an increased retirement savings and paying too much tax if they do not get expert advice in this area. You can make a positive difference to your finances for a better retirement.

Estate planning – personal succession – making sure your money goes to the right people and that they receive the most they can and don’t lose more than needed in tax.

Business and ownership protection and succession planning – what happens if you or your business partner is removed from the business due to death, disability or illness? It can be very costly and destroy your business and family.

Our financial planning services and advice have been benefiting people for nearly two decades and have changed many lives for the better simply because they asked the question… “How can we improve our finances and lifestyle?”… Is it time for you to do the same?

Wealth Planning Partners

Gold Coast

Wealth Planning Partners are in business to ensure you succeed financially utilising “The WPP Way” – to help you Secure, Build, Succeed.

We will help you arrange both asset protection and wealth creation via appropriate strategies tailored to your individual needs.

About Us

Trevor Pritchard started his insurance business in 1981 on moving out from the UK and Amanda Cassar joined with Trevor in 1991. Together, they looked after the financial planning interests and insurance needs of many Gold Coast and Brisbane locals. Now, Trevor has retired and Amanda leads a team of planners, along with our fabulous support crew serving the needs of clients Australia wide. Financial planning gives overall advice in a financial plan or Statement of Advice document that will:

  • Based on your objectives.
  • Meet your needs.
  • Minimise tax.
  • Minimise financial risk.

A good financial plan will show you what you need to do become financially secure and highlight what assistance you will need from other advisers (eg. your lawyer or accountant) to implement the plan strategy.

The Gold Coast unfortunately has established a name for many fly by night operators, dodgy deals and shyster operators looking for a quick buck.  If you’ve recently moved to this lovely corner of South East Queensland and are unsure about how to find a reputable operator, firstly look for one that’s been around a long time. Wealth Planning Partners has been operating a Gold Coast based Financial Planning practice since 1981 – a long time by Gold Coast standards.

Our customers include many sole traders and tradesmen to small – medium enterprise (SME) operators and professionals looking to protect their businesses, family and income from whatever life may throw at them.  You’ve heard it before, but “if you fail to plan, you plan to fail.”

We can help consolidate superannuation funds, establish Self Managed Superannuation funds, advise on appropriate investment strategies and ensure insurances are structured in the most tax-effective manner.  If you’re interested in establishing transition to retirement or allocated pensions, we can help there too.

Education & Social

Being a Financial Planner doesn’t mean just getting your Diploma and hanging out a shingle.  Our Advisers keep up to date with the minimum required 30 hours study per annum, often exceeding this requirement in our efforts to remain abreast of the constant Financial Planning Industry and legislative changes.

Wealth Planning Partners are more than just a local Gold Coast financial planning firm. We have embraced social media as a way to keep our clients updated with any changes. We have a dedicated Wealth Planning Partners Facebook page, @WealthPP Twitter feed, an Instagram account (Wealth_Planning_Partners) a Pinterest account, YouTube channel and Google+ page, along with a Blog attached to our website with regular financial updates.

So whatever your choice to stay in touch, we’re likely to be there. These updates aren’t just relevant for our local clients, but we have followers from around the World keeping up with our news!  Please join us, Like, Follow or otherwise engage to stay up to date.

We have also chosen to support a small amount of local and international charities each year. We collect the Woolworths Earn & Learn Stickers personally and from our clients for the Currumbin Community Special School and donate to The Hunger Project who give solely back to those in need with fabulous poverty alleviating strategies. Ask how you too can include philanthropy in your financial or estate plan!

Good Advice Worth Paying for

We recognise that there is no one-size-fits-all formula or cookie-cutter approach for financial success.

Our clients recognise that a long-term, customised and personalised service, devised by an expert, adds significant value to their net wealth and lifestyle. In return, we recognise that our clients expect to receive a clear understanding of the recommendations, strategies, products and/or fees they will be paying for our service.

“Thank goodness we had some insurance”

At one of Asteron’s seminars held recently, we were shown a short video of a man named Keith.  Keith is a 50 year-old self-employed chiropractor living in rural Victoria.  He is married with five children, the youngest being 10 months.  Keith has always chosen a healthy lifestyle and diet with the focus on being fit.

In July 2007, after setting up his Bendigo practice, Keith was diagnosed with a brain tumour.  When the doctor told him of the prognosis his life changed forever not only for himself but his family.

Keith had some income protection insurance, however not enough insurance to protect his family financially against the unexpected.

When hearing stories like these, we all realise the importance of having the necessary insurances to help protect ourselves and our families.

To find out any information on insurances such as Life, Total and Permanent Disability, Trauma and Income Protection Cover, please contact our office to speak to our friendly staff.

(Please also feel free to contact our office if you’d also like a review of any existing policies that you currently hold).

Wealth Planning Partners are Corporate Authorised Representative Financial Services Partners Pty Ltd

Financial Services Partners holds an Australian Financial Services License (AFSL). This means we are licensed to provide you with advice on a range of financial issues and products. All of our advisers are registered with the Australian Securities and Investment Commission (ASIC).

Financial Services Partners has authorised representatives providing financial planning and advice services in every state and territory of Australia. Whether it’s for your specific need, a holistic financial plan, or anywhere in between, our expert advisers will tailor financial advice specifically for you.

The financial planning and advice we provide covers a variety of areas including wealth accumulation, wealth management, wealth protection and wealth transfer needs. Please take some time to explore our website for more information about the advice services we provide. We commit to provide you with our personal advice and recommendations in writing, which keeps you in control.


To save you the hassle, we have researched and established ties with other reputable Gold Coast firms who can further assist with your finances.  We keep in touch with a panel of professionals who can assist with cash flow management, debt consolidation and lending needs, investment property concerns, accountancy and small business mentoring and growth along with your Fire & General insurance protection needs.  This ensures every part of your financial world is taken care of, leaving you time to get on with what you’d rather be doing.

Like many businesses, we thrive on referrals and love to keep those Word of Mouth referrals coming in.  We have clients in nearly every field of employment and truly know the value of referrals to small business, so if you’re after anything from a website to welding we’re happy to recommend your business too!

What our clients say

I have known Amanda Cassar for a number of years and have watched in amazement at her energy, dedication and diligence to staff, colleagues, and clients. Her commitment to the betterment of all those she comes into contact with is clearly evident in the growth of her business and in her work with The Hunger Project where Amanda signed up for the leadership program to Uganda in 2015 and I understand again for this working trip to Africa in 2016. Amanda is passionate about empowering women both locally and internationally.
Locally, Amanda has built a wonderful business from the ground up. Starting in 2001, she now runs a thriving practice with 5 staff members. Her clients receive her undivided attention and Amanda is dedicated to improving the financial situation of her clients with the best guidance possible.
In this light, Amanda continues to regularly study in order to enhance both her personal skills and market place knowledge.
She is without a doubt a leading innovator in her field and a wonderful role model.
I wish her every continuing success.
- Babette Bensoussan

I’ve been working with Amanda as my wealth adviser after deciding it was time to get smarter with my finances. I realised I was a successful female, with a great income, but not investing wisely – actually, not investing in my future at all. I required someone who I related to and that I could trust, and Amanda has been exactly that.
Amanda has helped me establish my own SMSF and advised me during the process to purchase of my investment property within my fund. Her ability to translate ‘industry jargon’ and documents to enable me to fully understand the pros and cons of each investment opportunity has been most valuable to me. I also now have a plan to reduce my personal debt and better invest my funds to secure a positive financial future.
Amanda shows compassion, is collaborative in her approach and is consistent in her advice - offering motivation and the tools to truly look to my future and establish a plan for my future wealth.
Relationships are extremely important to me, and working with Amanda I am confident that my future is in excellent hands. I trust her 100% with my financial future, have recommended her to friends and colleagues, and look forward to continuing to work with her.
-  Racheal Nasmith

Amanda from Wealth Planning Partners has been assisting us with financial strategies that will help our family (with small children) with our long term financial goals for some years.
Amanda’s happy nature, honesty and willingness to supply information makes it a pleasure to do business with her.
- Mark & Louise Marron



Mad About LIFE

Gold Coast

We are Mad About LIFE

We want all of our clients to experience the same!

It’s our Mission

To provide you with all the tools & Financial Advice you need to be Mad About LIFE.

Firstly, we educate & get to know you, before we give you the guidance and support to realise your unique life goals.

With Mad About LIFE you will gain Financial Awareness of your current situation & future goals.

Peace of Mind

Knowing that you have a plan in place and choice of lifestyle with financial freedom to achieve your goals with ongoing support and professional advice.

We love to advise Australian families with regard to all of their Wealth, Protection and Legacy needs.

What our clients say

Guidance and financial advice was something I was lacking in life, thank you to Jodie and her team for helping me with my future goals, not only is this a very professional business but the team connect with you on a personal level! I'm only on the start of my journey to a more secure future and I know it's only going to get better, thank you!
- Amanda D

Delighted with all the work Jodie has done for my fiancee and I.
We are planning a life together and despite the chaos of wedding plans she has kept us focused on where we are going in the future and ensuring that any bumps on the road are being looked after now rather than in a panic later. She has saved us time and money and been a delight to work with. She has helped with our wills and estate planning, both of which would not have been done without her help and guidance. Thank you Jodie for everything you are doing for us.
- Matt & May

Omg Jodie and Team are amazing!
Jodie has done the unbelievable. She has explained finance to a dummie. Thank you so much Jodie for the amazing work you have done. I can't wait to see what the future has install for me.
I'm amazed that I could be this excited about what is yet to come in my financial future. I feel like I'm on a path to kicking those goals I have wanted to achieve for a long time.
It really is a company that is mad about life. I'm so glad I came and saw you.
Thanks again xx
- Sharni K

How financial planning works:

Financial planning is the intricate process of determining your specific goals and creating the most optimal, manageable and achievable pathways to success. During this process a qualified and experienced financial planner will help improve the quality of the financial decisions you make. It is all about developing personalised strategies and integrating them into your life to assist in managing your financial affairs and meeting your goals. From something as simple as planning for a holiday to more complex such as buying a property or preparing for retirement, financial planning is suited and highly recommended for anyone, any financial stage and with any individual goals.

How to get started:

Financial Planner Gold CoastFinding the right financial planner to meet your needs can be time consuming and stressful and not knowing exactly where to start when embarking on this new venture can be daunting. At Growth Financial, we are your personal middleman, taking care of all the hard work for you as we find the perfect financial planner in your state to meet all of your needs and goals. You are our number one priority and we are determined to pairing our clients with leading planners. If you are looking for financial freedom and taking control of your finances while securing your future look no further than Growth Financial to provide you with the best of the best financial planners. Simply click on the ‘Get a Free Quote’ button above to get started.

Why seek out financial advice?

Why risk leaving your financial future to chance? With valuable guidance provided when seeking out professional financial advice from an experienced specialist you will have the confidence that you are in capable hands and making the right decisions for your life now and in the future. Often the decisions you make along with your actions can heavily impact your financial future, however, arming yourself with the knowledge and information from an expert allows you to take back that control over your finances. Seeking financial advice from a trusted professional is worth its weight in gold and can truly mean the difference between your financial goals only ever being a dream and turning your goals into an achievable reality.

Benefits of having a financial planner?

Whatever your current situation and whatever your short or long term goals may be, the beneficial aspects of hiring a professional financial planner is exponential. Create the life you want now and secure your financial freedom for yours and your loved ones future. The advantages of hiring a financial planner to provide you solutions and help you with your current financial standing as well as your future include but are not limited to:

  • Expert skill and knowledge
  • Tailor-made plans and strategies
  • Determining and fine tuning individual goals
  • Unbiased yet experienced advice and decisions


At Growth Financial, we are committed to finding you the right financial planner to suit you and meet all of your needs while providing expert advice to help you achieve the goals that you deserve. Connect with the best financial planner Gold Coast today.