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At Growth Financial we are passionate about linking the right financial planner with clients to ensure that your needs are met and your goals are achieved. Financial planning and the use of proven strategies provided by an expert has shown everyday Australians from around the nation, transformation their financial dreams and goals into a reality. With Growth Financial we complete all the hard work to find the perfect financial planner for you and also work with you to ensure all your lifestyle needs are met and your goals attainable. We work with the best in the business and guarantee that you will be left with the confidence that you finances are well looked after and you are always in capable hands.

Fiducian Financial Services Canbera


Welcome to Fiducian Financial Services Canberra. ​In 2002 Ian Hosking and Cameron Darrow branched out to establish a Financial Planning practice in Canberra with a strong client focus.

Ian and Cameron identified Fiducian Portfolio Services as a dealer group. Doing this with a research process that was not compromised by corporate ownership pressures and was small enough to be based on strong personal relationships with key management personnel (rather than joining a large national “sales force”).

Consequently, the new business adopted a franchise arrangement and trades as Fiducian Financial Services Canberra.

Now into its 16th year Fiducian Canberra has grown to be one of the leading financial planning firms in Canberra.

Our team of eight financial planners and the financial planning associates have extensive experience in the field of financial planning.

We specialise in advice about:

  • ComSuper
  • Schemes Redundancy
  • Wealth Creation
  • Strategies Superannuation
  • Retirement Planning
  • Investment Planning
  • Estate Planning
  • Risk Cover
  • Centrelink Salary

We provide personally tailored and holistic advice to our clients to assist them in reaching their short, medium and long-term financial goals.

Fiducian Financial Services Canberra has developed market leading projection tools that enable our planners to model a range of financial planning scenarios specific to each client's needs.

What our clients say

I recently had the good fortune to engage Johnathan Hicks to review my financial "situation with regards to my retirement options. He gave me good practical advice based on my situation and what I needed. As I have several retirement income streams, including the Public Service (PSS) scheme, I appreciated the clarity he was able to provide. He explained how my superannuation worked and provided advice on how to structure my income streams to optimise my retirement income.
He also clearly outlined the impact of retiring at the end of each year for the next five years – allowing me to make an informed decision on when the time would be right. I also found Johnathan to be good humoured and easy to talk to. His advice has given me confidence to commence planning for my next stage of life.
- Elizabeth M

Johnathan Hicks was recommended to me by a colleague who himself had engaged Fiducian Financial Services. From my first meeting with Johnathan, I was impressed by his deep knowledge of the CSS (Commonwealth Superannuation Scheme) and the byzantine tax treatments that applied to members of the CSS who were approaching retirement. Furthermore, Johnathan was able to authoritatively correct some advice provided by an earlier financial adviser (which saved me a significant and unnecessary excessive tax liability).

Johnathan took time to learn what was important to me and my family, and with these imperatives in mind, presented me with easily understandable options (without over-simplifying any of them), thereby enabling me to make fundamental decisions on what the best retirement options for me were, and when I should take them. I am very grateful to Johnathan for his patience and clarity of advice. Johnathan was a very worthwhile investment, and I have no hesitation in recommending him to others, particularly those who are members of Commonwealth superannuation schemes.
- Jeremy O'Sullivan

My experience with Fiducian Financial Services has been exceptional due to my interaction with John, my financial planner. The advice and patience from John has meant that I felt comfortable with investing some of my savings. Its been a very easy process to plan for my future with the support and knowledge that has been provided. Starting with a small amount of money has made it an exciting process to see it grow.
- Georgina Gilbert

Wholistic Financial Services


WFS – An Investment property adviser, Accountant, Financial planner and Mortgage Broker you can trust

Wolistic Financial Solutions is a leading and most highly awarded wealth coaching and SMSF investment strategy adviser company that offers their clients expert guidance on financial matters.

Our professional staff members are also able to help you choose the right insurance as well as the best business and taxation strategies.

We also offer property management in Canberra and Brisbane. We are well known for being proficient superannuation strategy advisers and have helped many clients select the right super as well as informed them on Self Managed Superannuation Funds (SMSF).

What we offer: WFS is your one stop financial advisers shop that offers their clients trustworthy services and long term support.

For excellent assistance come to the best Canberra & Brisbane investment property adviser, we are your local experts.

Our specialist staff members will help you all the way, from finding the right loan to filling out application forms and through to taking over ownership of your new property.

For experienced and reliable Canberra & Brisbane property accountants and wealth creation advisers come to Wholistic Financial Solutions.

If you want to learn more about our range of service or want information and advice on how to buy investment properties with your super, contact us now.

What our clients say

Catherine, Thank you for sending the additional information on property hot spots.
It was a very interesting read (as well as a good quality product) and I think very worthwhile.I also want to thank you for your time – the Pathway to Wealth session was very useful from a practical sense but also, in terms of giving me a sense of control, confidence and certainty over my short and long term financial futures.I would also like to commend Lara and Lynda for their professionalism and courtesy.
- Ray

I have been very frustrated at the performance of my superannuation fund. It seemed that the more I put in the more fees I paid and the fund balance just kept going backwards. Catherine at Wholistic Financial Solutions was able to show me how to consolidate all my super into a SMSF and use this to buy property. I now have a $450,000 property in my super that is growing for me really well and better still, it is cash flow positive so it costs me nothing.
- Trever T. Dickson, ACT.

My wife and I are in our 50’s and would really like to think of retiring at 60 or not much longer after that. But with the state of our superannuation it just felt useless.
I thought we would have to work till we were 80 or try and live of the old age pension. Catherine and her team showed me how to take our small super balance and convert that into a property portfolio that is growing at a rate that will enable us to retire in comfort and realise our dreams.
- Michael and Denise, Lyneham, ACT.

I had heard that it was possible to buy property in Super but everything I read and everyone I spoke to made it all sound way too complicated. Catherine and her team which includes Super specialists, Tax specialist and Mortgage Brokers, made it all very simple. In fact, they simply did it all for me and now I own my first property in my super fund and will look to buy more as soon as I can.
- Liliana P, Mawson, ACT

How financial planning works:

Financial Planner CanberraWhatever you desire for your lifestyle or whatever your goals may be, the success of any goal in life requires a well thought out and tailored plan, especially when it comes to your finances. Professional and expertly organised and executed financial planning has seen many clients reach their ultimate goals where once seemed impossible to achieve. Through the deep dive into your current financial state, identifying your individual goals and laying out specific and personalised plans and strategies, all the way through to the implementation of the expert advice and recommendations provided, it is no wonder why our clients are achieving financial success and why financial planning services are forever growing in popularity.

How to get started:

Congratulations, by visiting Growth Financial you have already taken the first step to financial freedom and control and you are on the way to securing your financial future. We take all the guesswork out of finding the right financial planner to suit all of your lifestyle and financial needs. From here, simply click on the button above ‘Get a Free Quote’ and choose which state you are from, we will then work with you to locate the best possible financial planner in the industry to start your journey to discovering your goals and just how we will go about achieving them.

Why seek out financial advice?

You may be asking yourself why you should seek out professional financial advice. Being armed with the valuable advice founded from many years of experience and proven strategies, can make a huge difference to the security of your finances and the lifestyle you desire. Through expert financial advice you will have the confidence to be able to best navigate any issues that are more than likely to arise as well as assist you in setting goals to protect what you’ve already created and work towards a healthy retirement. Setting specific and achievable goals that will ensure a successful outcome can be a lot more difficult than we think, however this process is made a lot easier and the results much more secure when you engage with a trusted financial planner. Organising your spending and saving is also vital to making the most out of your hard-earned money, so why take the risk?

Benefits of having a financial planner?

Due to the ever growing popularity of everyday Australians seeking the assistance of a financial planner, it is clear that investing one to secure your financial freedom, control and future has long-standing benefits. These benefits include but are not limited to:

  • Creating financial goals and the required pathways that will help you achieve them
  • Providing expert advice proving to be paramount to making profitable investments securing your financial future; as well as advice on how to appropriately invest your super and tax refunds
  • Crucial and at times life-changing assistance in clearing and managing debt along with dealing with financial hardship and tough financial situations
  • Proper retirement pathway plannings


At Growth Financial we work with our clients to find the best financial planners in the industry so you can take full advantage of all the benefits on offer and unlock the secrets to what may be holding you back from reaching your goals, managing your finances and securing your future. Connect with the best financial planner Canberra today.