Need Financial Advice in Geelong?

Over the years financial planning has grown exponentially in popularity and this is due to the obvious success seen by everyday Australians across the nation. It is a common misconception that financial planning is only beneficial to those nearing retirement, those who have come into a large some of money or available only to the wealthy, however, it is highly recommended that everyone, regardless of your financial standings and goals, engage the assistance of a professional financial planner to ensure your short and long term goals are met and the lifestyle you desire is achieved. At Growth Financial we will look after and provide you will the best of the best in all aspects of financial planning.

John Manserra from Hillross


Weather you’re paying too much tax, want to invest, reduce your debts, getting ready to buy a property, getting your money sorted or just want to make your money work as hard as you.

We understand everyone’s needs are different, that there is no one size fits all approach.

Our unique process differs from the traditional financial planning approach, in that it is slower and more thorough than the traditional financial advice process.

It is centred around taking a deep dive into the ‘why’ your seeking advice, clarifying what’s important as well as where you are today.

Upon assessing what you have told us you want to achieve and your current financial position. We’ll then explain the areas where we’ll add value, what should be prioritised and how we’ll help you make progress.

We are also conscious that you may not have all the answers today, that’s why seeking financial advice is about having a relationship. It's about thinking deeply about what matters most and why, but also your known unknowns.

We often say we can talk numbers, strategies or products until we are ‘blue in the face’ but without following this process we cannot with certainty say you are on your path to financial freedom.

Hence our focus is to empower the people we work with to make informed savvy decisions with their’ money. By delivering financial advice that is personalised, purposeful and outcome focused with our aim to do so free from jargon. In taking the time to listen, educate and empower we can provide certainty to the people we work with to achieve what matters the most.

Areas of advice we can help with:

  • Cashflow Management
  • Super & SMSF’s
  • Investment and Portfolio Management
  • Debt Reduction Personal & Business Insurances
  • Retirement Planning

What our clients say

“John, we just wanted to say a huge thank you for all your support and advice over the last few years. Our experience with you has always been very personal and you have given us great confidence in your advice for our financial needs. We have recommended you personally and the company to family and friends. We couldn’t be happier with your service and look forward to continuing working with you for many years to come.
- Sue and Warren

“We have worked with John over the past few years, John has always been able to explain things in an easy to understand manner and given us clarity over our financial landscape. We would recommend you to our family and friends and we look forward to working with you in the years to come”.
- Bill & Sharon

“John’s financial support has been nothing short of life changing for our family. Through John’s advice, we were able to seize our dream lifestyle early in our lives, which has alleviated financial pressures of debt and education fees, while allowing us to live a better work-life balance. He is an extremely competent, educated adviser who tailored advice to our needs, and through his transparent communication has educated and empowered us to make better decisions relating to our short and long-term wealth. Before meeting John, we were embarrassingly ignorant when it came to financial planning, investment, insurance and tax knowledge, however we are now in a great position for whatever life throws at us”.
- David & Annabelle

Mackenzie + Co


Our Business is Your Business

We focus on people rather than numbers; we care about our clients and will go the extra mile for them.

We are different to your standard corporate firm, we’re actually invested in the client; this means we ask the questions others do not. We have relaxed, friendly and compassionate staff that are here to help.

We have vast experience across different industries including transport, agriculture, start-ups, medical practitioners, solicitors and many small businesses.

About Mackenzie + Co

Mackenzie + Co is a dynamic team of dedicated professionals who strive to provide proactive and innovative services in all areas of accounting, taxation and business advice.

Collectively we have extensive experience over many areas and can draw on previous situations to help you meet your current challenge.

Mackenzie + Co has staff with broad knowledge. Ross gained extensive experience in agriculture, property development, investments via trusts and SMSF’s, and small business when working with Ernst & Young in Melbourne and London.

We have a team of 10, including accountants and support staff, and we cater to clients all over Australia offering specialised services in farming enterprises, small businesses, professionals and all types of entities particularly Trusts and Self Managed Super Funds (SMSF). We provide services to many self-funded retirees.

Ross Mackenzie is the principal of the business, a tax consultant, a qualified financial planner and has extensive experience in agriculture, property development, investments via trusts and SMSFs.

Ross is a father and grandfather, enjoys working on his small farm and sometimes brings his dog Nudge into the office.

What our clients say

“They get involved and have quality input into your business, looking at ways to make things better and more cost effective. Plus, if you book late appointments on a Friday there’s always a cold beer waiting for you!”
- Tom Vinnicombe 

“What sets them apart from other accounting firms is their personalised service; the staff are like family, but the family you choose. I’ve been with them for almost 20 years.”
- Amanda Flynn – Smellies Flowers

“It isn’t as serious in attitude as other firms we have used but just as professional. They genuinely care about their clients instead of treating clients as just a means for them to make a profit. A more personalised service instead of a big firm that is part of a large chain.”
- Mary Thompson – Photographer

How financial planning works:

Financial Planner GeelongFinancial planning, when done properly, can be a complex and convoluted process. This is why if you are wanting to achieve the best possible outcome, it may be best to leave the nitty gritty up to the experts. No matter where you are at financially or how large or small your financial goals are, seeking out a professional financial plan is crucial to the growth of your financial stability and success. When you engage with a financial planner they will first complete a deep dive into your current finances, identify your individual short and long term goals, develop a custom plan and strategies on how to implement them to ensure an optimal outcome. When you are fully equipped with the knowledge, understanding and well structured financial plan, you will have the confidence that you are making the right decisions for your life now and for your future.

How to get started:

Taking the first steps and the initial process of getting started can be a time consuming and overwhelming process. This is where Growth Financial is here to help. We are here to assist you in finding the best possible financial planner to suit your needs and provide the required advice and planning to allow you to achieve your short and long term goals, whatever they may be. By simply clicking on the ‘Get a Free Quote’ button above, you will embark on your journey to financial freedom and securing your financial future.

Why seek out financial advice?

Who wouldn’t want to feel more in control of their finances or have the confidence that the decisions they are making are setting them up for the best financial future possible. If this sounds amazing to you but you don’t know where to start or where to turn then you may need professional financial advice. Through their extensive experience and knowledge a financial planner will be able to provide with the valuable information you need to make the right decisions in all aspects of your finances and financial matters. You will be provided with backed and proven strategies to either maintain the current financial situation that you are happy with or transform your situation to one that you desire. Professional financial advice is worth its weight in gold as you will be fully equipped with everything you need to make the right choices for you and your loved ones.

Benefits of having a financial planner?

Life events are inevitable and are generally unavoidable and these life events at times can be very expensive. Many everyday Australians believe that because of day to day life and the expenses that come along with it, their financial goals will only ever be dreams instead of a reality. However, with the assistance of Growth Financial and a skilled financial planner, your goals become a lot more achievable. Seeking the assistance of a financial planner is extremely beneficial to those who are looking to:

  • Be prepared for life’s unforeseen or unexpected events
  • Better manage bills, saving, income and debt
  • Plan your retirement
  • Get the most out of your superannuation
  • Invest
  • Secure your financial future


Financial health, is extremely important and takes time, effort and understanding to achieve the most optimal outcome. A professional and determined financial planner will assist you in all aspects of your financial needs and at Growth Financial we are here find you the perfect fit. Connect with the best financial planner Geelong today.