Need Financial Advice in Sydney?

Majority of us need assistance in creating a structured plan to reach our ultimate financial goals and professional advice and expertise can make all the difference in developing the best plan possible. A qualified and experienced financial planner will work with you to determine realistic financial goals and produce a well thought out pathway on how you can achieve them. Growth Financial works to provide you with the best options for financial planning and planners within your state and takes of finding the best fit for you and your needs.

ADR Wealth


ADR Wealth is a Financial Advice business based in Sydney North West

We provide goals based advice for professional and business owner mums and dads of the area, this will help them provide for their family and ensure they have a financially fit future.

After becoming frustrated with the advice limitations working within the banking sector Principal Financial Adviser David Rylah formed ADR Wealth. He wanted to ensure his clients could receive the holistic advice they deserved with no bias for any particular product or provider. Without any alignment, we are able to provide advice that is focused solely on what is most beneficial for the client and their family.

The process starts with getting a deep understanding of our clients goals, current circumstances and concerns. Then together, build strategies to achieve those goals and build peace of mind for now and into the future.

We encourage our clients to get engaged in the process to ensure we can provide the most benefit possible. However, we do understand how busy life can be.  We relieve the pressure by completing the work and implementing the strategies on our clients behalf keeping them informed throughout the process.

To ensure engagement we use speciality software which is specifically designed to provide financial advice. The software can simply and easily display financial projections. They show how our client is tracking and highlights the areas where changes need to be made. This will keep our clients on track to achieving their long-term goals. Being able to see what the future looks like is one of the greatest motivators for people with ambitions for a secure financial future.

Being a holistic advice business, our goal is to make sure all areas of our clients financial world is addressed. Debt reduction, investment, retirement planning, budgeting, personal insurances, business insurances, superannuation, SMSF and investing for their children’s future. Whether that be education costs or a head start in life.

For the best outcome, we will commonly combine various strategies that work more effectively together such as reducing  non-deductible debt while building an investment portfolio. Also putting protection in place to ensure our clients can still support their family and maintain the strategies implemented. Should something occur that would affect their ability to earn an income they will be prepared.

Once the advice is in place we do not believe in a set and forget approach. We value our clients and build long term relationship’s. We do this by keeping in regular contact, meeting for reviews and making adjustments when necessary. This will ensure our client’s stay on track. Our key for success! Without regular checkups and management of the strategies the plans may not stay in-line with our ever changing life conditions.

There is no cost to get you started as an ADR wealth client, our first meeting is complimentary to allow us to get an understanding of what you want to achieve and the strategies needed to get you there.

Please feel free to call and schedule your first financial health check meeting.

What our clients say

I have spent years of procrastinating about putting into place personal insurances for myself. Along with restructuring my superannuation so I actually understood how it was working for me. Then I found David who made the process incredibly straightforward with honest and experienced advice after assessing what was important to me. I wouldn't hesitate in recommending David to anyone that was looking for good down to earth advice and assistance with professional delivery. Thanks so much David for all your help!
- Kate Koric

I Highly recommend David. He gets to know his clients so he can convey his expertise in the finance industry. He does this in a way that they understand to allow them to make informed and confident financial decisions. Thank you David, I really appreciate your help.
- Sandi Shuttleworth

Working with David to make our financial plans a reality, was a breeze. He is an approachable, flexible and committed financial planner. He made the complex and tedious details easy to understand, making sure we made the best decisions for our specific needs. We highly recommend him and his service.
- Thilankka & Wendy Marasinghe

Pivot Wealth


Pivot Wealth was founded to help people create a life not limited by money

People come to us for a bunch of different reasons, It might be that they're paying too much tax, that they want to invest, buy property, want to pay down debt, or want to take that next step. What we've found is that when we dig a little deeper when talking to the people that come to us, ultimately what they want is a clear game plan to take them from where they are to where they want to be.

Ultimately the reason for that is so that they can live the life that they want, where money isn't holding them back. It's not stopping them from doing anything that they want to do. That's what we call a life not limited by money.

What we do is help people to set up a clear and easy to follow pathway that takes them from exactly where they are now. To where they want to be over time. Then we work with them to actually get the results that they've planned for. To make sure that they stick to the plan, to make sure that they're continuing to maximise all of the opportunities that are available to them. So that they're getting the results that they want over time.

It's not easy, but it can be simple if you know what to do. And we've got a proven framework where we guide people through the process of exploring their options. Choosing the best ones for them, that give them the right balance between getting the financial results that they want and being able to live the lifestyle that they want. We focus on no bullshit financial advice. Painful transparency is one of our core values. We embrace that through working with our clients and the advice that we provide.

Ultimately, what we want to do is help every single client and the framework provides us to explore options and empower our clients with the confidence to choose. Options that are going to be the best for them to deliver the results that they want over time.

We're a fee only financial advice business. That means when we're working with new clients, we don't accept any sales commissions, kickbacks or any of those dodgy fees from any other sources. That could influence the advice that we provide.

We're a values driven business and our core values permeate through everything that we do. Working with clients and working together to drive results. One value, is painful transparency. We also believe in living your potential, which is something that we do internally as well as help everyone of our clients to do. We never settle for good enough, we're always trying to achieve the best life that you can have and the best results that you can over time.

We're also part of the global business giving initiative, buy one, give one. Where every time someone does business with us, we in turn do something good in the world. Through this initiative we've created over 40 thousand positive impacts around the world.

Ultimately, we love helping people create a life not limited by money. That's what makes us tick. If that sounds like something that's important to you, we'd love to get to know you.

How financial planning works:

Financial Planner SydneyWith the skill to expertly analyse your current personal and financial position along with your life goals, a qualified financial planner will have you in capable hands to determine the exact strategies to achieving your goals, allowing you to have the freedom to live the life you want now and have a strong financial plan set for securing your future. With a tailor made approach customised to your personal circumstances and ultimate desired and attainable goals, a professional financial planner will work alongside you every step of the way to create the best pathway to help you and meet your specific needs and lifestyle. Whatever your financial goals may be, big or small, it is clear that seeking the advice and working with an experienced financial planner will help bring you closer to achieving those goals.

How to get started:

We understand just how many options you have when it comes to choosing the right financial planner for you and for what you are looking to achieve. By being spoilt for choice, we can easily find ourselves being more overwhelmed and confused than when we started, this is why Growth Financial decided to dedicate themselves to working tirelessly to bring the right professionals to our clients to ensure all of your needs are met. The selections we make for our clients are carefully hand picked, always keeping you and your requirements at the forefront of our minds. By clicking on the ‘Get a Free Quote’ button above you will be provided with specially chosen Financial Planners in your state so you can take the first step to ensuring your financial freedom and control.

Why seek out financial advice?

Seeking out the right financial advice to suit your specific and individual needs is vital to making the right decision, reducing risk and securing your financial future while achieving your goals. While creating a well structured and strong plan yourself can quickly become a complex process, a seasoned financial planner can easily cut through the noise and confusion and provide you with a comprehensive understanding of just how the use your custom strategies and plans will help you live the life you want and achieve your goals. With your best interests in mind, this professional advice will give you the upper hand and advantage to take over your finances so they do not take over you.

Benefits of having a financial planner?

Due to the endless benefits a professional and qualified financial planner has to offer, it is no wonder why the popularity of hiring a financial planner is on the rise and more and more everyday Australians are taking back their control over their finances and future. Some of the advantages of finding the right financial planner and seeking financial advice include but are not limited to:

  • Identifying short and long term financial and lifestyle goals
  • Developing specific plans and strategies to achieve your goals
  • Better management of your income
  • Creating proven investment plans
  • Advice on making the most of your superannuation
  • Secure planning for retirement


At the end of the day, the majority of us will benefit from the assistance of a professional financial planner as to how to best manage, invest and secure our finances. At Growth Financial it is how passion to match you with the best planner possible to meet your needs, so you are able to achieve your much deserved financial goals. Connect with the best financial planner Sydney today.